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    کسی با این سایت کار کرده و اطلاعاتی در مورد حقیقی بودنش داره

    آشنا سوال شده در آبان ۷, ۱۳۹۷ در ماینینگ.
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      Is Bitminer a scam?

      Unfortunately, all signs indicate that is a scam. There are numerous signs to show this. For starters, Bitminer was founded by the same company, StartMiner, which turned out to be a scam. In the UK where Bitminer is headquartered, the government agency responsible for company licensing, the Companies House, lists Bitminer as an ‘active proposal to strike-off.’ A company listed as ‘active proposal to strike off’ is usually headed for bankruptcy and in the last stages before it’s closed down.

      While Bitminer could move its offices somewhere else and continue to exist like it has done in the last two years, there are many signs that indicate it’s not genuine. On many bitcoin forums, for example, its members complain that almost no withdrawal request has been processed in the last one year. Despite this, Bitminer has a page where they appear to show withdrawals processed in the last few days.

      Bitminer’s pyramid scheme is also a sign of its illegitimacy. The company seems to get most of its funds through a pyramid scheme where members who pay higher for the scheme are promised higher returns for their affiliate marketing efforts. In essence, the more you pay Bitminer, the higher your chances of paying. Bitminer emphasizes on their scheme so much that they have a contest that rewards the best affiliate marketers.

      As if those are not enough signs, Bitminer’s rewards for their mining pool are ridiculous. They pay you 0.0006 every day for doing nothing. For an account that cost 0.01 bitcoins, you stand to earn 0.0012 bitcoins a day. By that system, you get your money back in 10 days. Bitminer’s most expensive account cost 5 bitcoins and you can earn your money back in 5 days. By earning 1 bitcoin a day, you could earn 365 bitcoins in one year. With bitcoin valued at $9,000 at the time of writing, you will have earned $3.285 million within one year of investing in Bitminer.

      By comparison, a more legitimate cloud mining company like Hashflare only pays about 10% of your initial investment every month for a period of only one year. If you invest 5 bitcoins’ worth of money on Hashflare, you can only earn $4,600 per month. This goes on to show how impossible it’s to earn the money Bitminer promises.

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